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Bruce confirmed Carroll has wrapped up in Newcastle

Bruce confirmed Carroll has wrapped up in Newcastle. Newcastle manager Steve Bruce has confirmed that striker Andy Carroll has left the club as a free agent.

    The Jordy striker is on the Premier League website’s list of players to leave. But there were no comments from the agency in the previous period.

    Carroll, 32, returned to St James’ Park two years ago after leaving the club for the first time in a £35m move to Liverpool in 2011.

    Still, the second return to Salikadong didn’t seem very successful. and hardly ever enter the field By now he is looking for a new club.

    After losing 1-0 to York City in their first pre-season game, Bruce said: “I spoke to Andy, I think he wants to leave and play.”

    “I wish him good luck. I hope it goes well for the rest of his career. He has helped me a lot over the past few years.”