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Gary Neville out tonight without Sagar will be caught sitting on the bench

Gary Neville celebrated out tonight without Sagar will be caught sitting on the bench in the final of Euro 2020. England will face Italy on Sunday, according to the ufabet.

The 19-year-old had started before being replaced by Jack Grealish in the 69th minute in the Roaring Lions’ semi-final win over Denmark in extra-time on Wednesday night.

Saka showed great form in this match. And many believe he will be in the starting XI again in Sunday’s final against Italy. With the exception of Gary Neville, who believes such an important game is beyond the players. can handle

“I agree with him coming back on the field in the semi-finals. Because he’s a very lively player on the edge, including Raheem Sterling, but I’m not sure if he’ll start for Sunday’s game. I just thought it might be too hard for him.”

“What he did last night and what he in this tournament I think we’ll see other players put on the pitch instead, I look at Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci and think. Which players they don’t want. meet in the area around the line”

“And I think this is a game for players like Marcus Rashford or Jadon Sancho. Who will join forces with Raheem Sterling on either side of the line. I think that position requires speed players. So it makes me think that we might not see Saka starting this Sunday.