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Harry Kane shoots Stryker Team England admitted that very excited

Harry Kane shoots Stryker Team England admitted that delighted and very excited to be playing against the second pair of center-backs ace of the world, Giorgio Kim Ellis Nice & Leonardo Bonucci. in the final game of Euro 2020 between Italy vs England tonight.

“Giorgio Chiellini & Leonardo Bonucci are truly one of the best defenders in the world at club and national level,” the Roaring Lions captain told ITV.

“They’ve been through countless top-level competitions. About the experience in big games like the finals This is so much superior to our side that it can’t even be compared.”

“That’s why I’m so happy and excited about tonight’s final because facing two of the best defenders has to be a whole new experience.”

“This game is not only important to me. But it’s about two countries, England & Italy, including people from both nations. This is the grandeur we are going to experience in the next few hours.”

“however My team-mates and I both have certain beliefs that we will do well because this England outfit is strong all over the sheet as well. Anything can happen in the final. That kicked the decision right there. But we will do our best to achieve the best results.”