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Hoylund after his poor form, scoring just one goal in the Premier League.

Hoylund after his poor form, scoring just one goal in the Premier League.

Rasmus Hoylund continues to be in poor form playing with Manchester United. He scored only one goal in the Premier League. After moving from Atalanta for a huge fee of 72 million pounds. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Manchester United striker Rasmus Hojlund has urged his team-mates to stop conceding goals

After scoring recently after their 2-3 loss to Galatasaray at the Old Trafford stadium. Trafford in the UEFA Champions League group stage game

In this game, Hoylund scored to give the team the lead in the 17th minute, but the visiting team equalized 6 minutes later through Wilfried Zaha. And although the Danish star helped the team take the lead again in 67th minute, but the hosts conceded just four minutes later through Mhamhamed Akturkoglu, before Mauro Icardi scored the winning goal for the visitors in the 81st minute.

Dimitar Berbatov, former Manchester United striker, has expressed his sympathy for young star Rasmus Hojlund after the player’s form continued to falter. Having scored only one goal in the Premier League at this time.

“I knew what he was going through if he couldn’t score. Because every striker has periods when they cannot score. Some people just for a moment But for some people it may take a little longer.”

“I know how difficult it is. And it will make you think in your head, Can we score a goal? What exactly happened? Are we good enough? Are we good enough for our teammates and ourselves?”

“All these thoughts were going on in my head. And it’s very difficult not to think about these things,” Berbatov said.