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LeBron James praised Henderson for his goal

LeBron James praised Henderson for his goal in England’s win over Ukraine. NBA superstar LeBron James has paid tribute to Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson. Who scored a stunning header in England’s thrashing of Ukraine at Euro 2020. The last eight teams a few weeks ago.

The Los Angeles Lakers star has been a 2% stake with Liverpool since 2011. That marking the start of a global recognition of him as a ‘boy of the Swan’. One as well Before buying more shares in March 2021. He moved up to one of the club’s current owners with FSG.

And most recently, the 36-year-old superstuffer gave an interview to Henderson that was pleasant to listen to. After seeing the video clip Captain Red He scored a beautiful goal in England’s 4-0 win over Ukraine and revealed his impression of watching the Reds match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield in 2011 as well.

“After I first joined Liverpool as a shareholder in 2011. The club sent me documents to read about what privileges I would receive, frankly shocking because it was unbelievably good,” James told the show. Crouchy’s Year-Late Euros organized by former Liverpool player Peter Crouch.

“After that, they invited me to watch an important match against Manchester United at Anfield. It was the first time I experienced the atmosphere of this stadium. It has such a magical charm.