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Liverpool worked in the race for 72 hours, examining Luis Diaz draft from Argentina.

Director Michael Edwards faces the challenge of ditching his Anfield role. To quickly close the deal Porto’s winger Luis Diaz was completed in 72 hours. With the players still roaming the mainland of Latin America.

The deadline for the English Premier League buy-sell market around January 2022 is 23:00  Monday , January 31. With all documents to be completed .  

A report from ‘ Sky Sports ‘ has inform Luis Diaz progress. Although the ‘ Reds ‘ have agreed a fee of the 25 – year-old worth 37.5 million pounds from Anfield. UFABET With another 12.5 million pounds to win from the conditions. Target performance number of games on the field. And already participate in the success.  

But the next hurdle is how to undergo a medical examination. When he is in the service of the Colombian national team. For the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America. Then there will be an important home game against Peru (28 Jan. ). Follow by Argentina (1 Feb. ). Which indicates that it is good enough to represent the continent to compete in Qatar the end of this year?  

Of course, according to etiquette. ‘ Reds ‘ should not mess with Luis Diaz when he got into the needle .  

However, Edwards and Julian Ward, the new sports director who will deliver the baton to each other, must coordinate the closing of the deal. They are expected to send representatives of the club to settle in Argentina , awaiting a medical examination on Diaz.  

At the same time, it also has to rely on connections with the Colombian Football Federation to ask for support from trainer Rinaldo Richda to allow Diaz to undergo a medical examination to prepare for Liverpool almost all day, which could be 29 or 30 meters . c . ( local ) 

It was a challenge to find a van for Diaz ‘s delegation from the national team camp or perhaps even picking up at Córdoba International Airport, along with booking a standard clinic for a physical examination. and complete in one day  

Cut to switch pictures. On the European side, Liverpool had to send a working group to fly to Porto. Portugal to complete the official buy – sell price Because the news that comes out now from the local media  

It’s also the most exciting 72 -hour race against time for Michael Edwards and Julian Ward.