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Manchester United to buy Giroud as goalkeeper to replace Onana.

Manchester United to buy Giroud as goalkeeper to replace Onana.

Football fans urge Manchester United to buy AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud to strengthen the team, Saying his goal is many times better than Andre Onana’s.

Final piece of news Fans who don’t know the team cheering. Urging Manchester United to spend money in the winter market. Next January, they will buy Olivier Giroud, the AC Milan striker. To strengthen the team, saying that they will create quality in guarding. The prop for the Red Devils is many times better than now with Andre Onana.

The former Arsenal and Chelsea striker has settled down to play with AC Milan for quite a while since 2021. Which recently add something special by stepping down to become a goalkeeper. In the game, they beat Genoa 1-0 on Saturday. Report from

With Milan having already changed 5 substitutes and it appeare.

That they had to lose goalkeeper Mike Mainong. Who was sent off during injury time, 90+8, Giroud sacrificed himself to wear goalkeeper gloves instead. After coming on as a substitute in the 66th minute

It appears that Giroud had a chance to save an important goal. That helped Milan not get hit in the net. And finally, they won over Genoa 1-0, leading the Serie A leader by 2 points over Inter Milan.

In the comments after the game through the social media world of football fans There are quite a few who suggest that Manchester United invest in the 37-year-old striker to return to the Premier League again, considering that his goal-protecting qualities are better than the current No. 1, Onana.

Giroud’s save came after Onana made another mistake in conceding a goal against Brentford, before Scott McTominay was the hero twice in stoppage time. Led the Red Devils to a 2-1 victory

Fans’ tweets included things like “Giroud is better than Onana.”

“Giroud set another record today. Like making a clean sheet.”

“The first deal that Manchester United must buy in the next market – Olivier Giroud.”

“Come to Manchester United and he will be a starter immediately, replacing Onana.”