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Nelson reveals his Arsenal because he wants to be even more skilled.

Arsenal midfielder Reiss Nelson has opened up about signing a new contract with the club. Because he wants to take his football to the next level. Both believe that head coach Mikel Arteta and his friends can help him.

The 23-year-old initially signed a contract until June 2027 instead of the previous one. Which expired last June. With the option to expand the team for another season. In the corner of the club intending to increase the homegrown quota for registering for the English Premier League UFABET

According to Pun, who has been playing with the team since the age of eight. He sees himself as capable of progressing to higher grades if given the opportunity to play in the Champions League and be surrounded by good team-mates. 

He told Arsenal TV.

“Honestly signing a new contract with the club is beyond words. ”

  “I’ve been here since I was eight, I’m 23 now, it’s been a tough journey and myself happy. Family is the Gunners fans, that just makes it even happier.”

“I can only say that I am happy. Can’t wait for the new season.” 

“The real reason I want to stay in this team is because of the way we played last season. I’ve been with the team for many years. I’ve been through all the good days and all the bad days – with the previous season a bit special. Because he saw the dawn of Arsenal “

“Take them to climb even higher In his heart he told himself that he wanted to be a part of this adventure.” 

“I want to be part of taking another step forward with our team. Think head coaches, sporting directors, backroom staff. New and old players. We’re doing it together.” 

“That makes every training session I don’t want to miss. I want to be here to work. So I’m glad that I made the right decision.” 

A challenge to slip into head coach Mikel Arteta’s mind was waiting for Nelson last season. Making just 18 appearances in all competitions, scoring three goals and providing three assists.