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Safety of consuming cocoa.

Although it is believed that cocoa has many benefits. But more research is needed to support these results. So consumers should research the nutritional facts about cocoa and consume in moderation each day. Which, if unsure, should always consult a doctor about consuming the correct amount and form first. in order to avoid side effects that may affect health

Because cocoa contains caffeine and other related chemicals. If consumed in large amounts, it may cause side effects such as feeling anxious. Increased urination, insomnia,  rapid heartbeat, etc., and for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cocoa is POSSIBLY SAFE when eaten in moderation or in amounts normally found in meals. However, care should be taken not to consume too much as the caffeine can harm mothers and babies.UFABET

For those with the following conditions, be especially careful when consuming cocoa.

  • Heart disease. The caffeine can cause palpitations in some people with heart problems. It also increases the heart rate. And can make people with irregular heartbeats worse. Therefore, it should be consumed in the right amount. The recommended daily intake for cocoa is 19-54 grams of dark chocolate, 46-100 grams of dark chocolate, or 16.6-1080 milligrams of polyphenol-containing products.
  • high blood pressure The caffeine in cocoa might increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. But for those who already consume large amounts of caffeine. They may have high blood pressure. Leephenol to the body in the amount of 25-1,080 mg per day.
  • Diabetes. The sugar in based products might increase blood sugar levels. Including interfering with blood sugar control in diabetic patients.
  • abnormal bleeding Cocoa products might slow blood clotting. Which could increase your risk of bleeding disorders.